Little Lifeboats

November 14-23, 2014

Northwind Warehouse Lofts

Ingrid celebrates Halloween the way that most people celebrate Christmas -good friends, lots of booze, and a thinly veiled sense that she's falling off the ledge. With her high school girlfriends, Chantal and Hannah, finally all back together in the tiny northwoods town of Bedabun, Ingrid believes this Halloween will top every other year. That is, until her long-time friendships begin to feel strained.


Playwright: Abby Swafford
Director: Victoria Pyan
Stage Manager: Clara Costello
Graphic Artist: Stacey Kanarski
Fight Choreographer: Zac Delventhal
Ingrid: Cristina Castro
Chantal: Joy Dolo
Hannah: Erin Denman
Mark: Matt Wall

What the Critics Say:

"Parhelion isn’t full of big moments. Parhelion has the guts to be full of small moments, and to trust that those small moments are enough—that inside those small moments are the real day to day truth of who we are, why we’re ridiculous, and how we survive."
-Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

"The script takes its gloves off and comes at you swinging with unflinching honesty dipped in dark humor."
-Chris Garza, HowlRound