Little Lifeboats
TEASE 2014

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I Hate You (But I'll Save You)
Playwright: Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Cast Breakdown: 2M/2W
Run Time: 75+ minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis:After five years fighting the early days of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, partners Kjell and Howie return to their small Midwestern hometown for a family funeral. But nothing's as it seems, and suddenly their world involves parallel universes, an ancient council of seers, and an enemy so small they can't see it. Then they learn that Howie may be humankind's last chance of survival, which sounds amazing, except for one problem: Howie's not sure he likes humankind that much. This is a story of science fiction, missed opportunities, and the love that saved the world.

Everywhere You Look
Playwright: Jeff Nichols
Cast Breakdown: 6M/1W
Run Time: 70 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis:Detroit has been destroyed by a terrorist attack. In response a radical law-and-order party takes control of the country, arresting, deporting, and executing many Muslims. James Halligan is secretly hiding an imam named Hassan in his home. Longtime friends, he is sure Hassan is unfairly accused of terrorist affiliations in a national witch-hunt. James’ political views have estranged him from his adopted African son, Ford, the head of an undercover unit in the local police department searching for Hassan. Tension mounts as James starts to doubt his faith in Hassan. Hassan decides that it’s too risky to stay where he is, and plots to leave. But a mysterious night-time phone call drives the three men towards a tragically violent collision.

St Simone
Playwright: Jessica Huang
Cast Breakdown: 2w and Chorus
Run Time: 120 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: SAINT SIMONE is a full length play about the French philosopher, activist and mystic Simone Weil. From her birth in Paris in 1909 to her contentious death at 34 in the middle of World War II, Simone's extraordinary way of seeing the world drove her to live in extremes - working for a year in the terrible conditions of French factories in the 1930s, fighting in the Spanish Civil War and perhaps starving herself to death in a London sanatorium. Her life and writing - often shockingly contradictory and touchingly raw - inspired SAINT SIMONE, which explores moral responsibility, mysticism and mental illness through the life and death of this incredible woman.

The Hopes And Fears of All the Years
Playwright: Matthew A. Everett, Lyrics and Music By Rob Hartmann
Cast Breakdown: 3M/3W
Run Time: 120 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis:Six actors (three men and three women) portray eighteen characters in four interlocking stories which span four generations of an American family in the living room of the Harrison home on a day prior to Christmas in 1998, 1971, 1951, and 1921. The script and musical styles jump back and forth in time, until the tree is decorated, the families in their new configurations are reunited, and new traditions are forged as old ones are reaffirmed.

Lift Off: An American Counter-Myth About Sex, Lonliness and Outerspace
Playwright: Elle Thoni
Cast Breakdown: 5-10 Actors
Run Time: 90 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis:Lift Off. A moment of suspension, characterized by extreme anticipation & uneasiness. America, 1957. Sputnik I is launched. A robot makes breakfast for her missing scientist. A homeless vet searches for his lost dog. The Radio and the Moon act as twin gods, feeding on the unspoken desires of all. There is plenty of sexual tension. Queerness. Confusion. Power grabbing.
Lift Off is a play that challenges us to confront our own epic longing, written for puppet & mask. What do we do in the aftermath of abandonment? America, 2014. Anything can will happen.

Freedom Tower
Playwright: Sam Graber
Cast Breakdown: 6M
Run Time: 120 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: High above New York City construction is furiously paced to erect One World Trade Center. But when a materials elevator suddenly crashes, all ironwork is stopped until cleared by the new city inspector, a Muslim. In a play about forgiveness, Freedom Tower pits the price of pain against the 110-story-high tract of memory, and asks whether a new building is truly enough to help us move on.

Caruso Sisters
Playwright: Claudia Inglis Haas
Cast Breakdown: 5W- All Italian-American
Run Time: 75-80 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Giancarlo has died and Anna (50’s) and Emilia (60’s) come to help Tess (60’s) through a difficult time. But Tess is amazingly calm. Maybe Anna and Emilia are the ones who need help. The play was written to address the waste of “fine wine” (women over 40) that are little seen on stages anymore even if they make up more than half of the audiences. This scene features Angela (30’s), Emilia’s daughter, and Chiara (20’s), Anna’s daughter. The daughters should be 20-25 years younger than their mothers. If EMILIA and TESS are played by older actresses than ages noted, the daughters can also be older.

I've Got Unchecked Breast Cancer
Playwright: Valerie Borey
Cast Breakdown: 2M/2W, 2 girls
Run Time: 100 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Robin has breast cancer and is determined to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Recalling the painful and extended death of her mother, she has opted to not seek treatment for the disease, fantasizing instead about more effective ways to leave this mortal coil. John, her husband, is worried about losing his job but wants to quit the corporate thing to go on tour as a stand up comic. Gracie, their daughter, is turning 12 soon and is more interested in helping her friend Sally save the world than in celebrating her birthday with the family. As Robin’s behavior becomes more secretive and erratic, John becomes increasingly concerned that she is having an affair with Sally’s dad Stan. Robin, wanting the best for her husband and daughter, is forced to make a decision that will impact all of them.