Little Lifeboats
TEASE 2015

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Credit for Production Photos: Scott Pakudaitis

Bakwezhigan or Hungry Love
Playwright: Abby Swafford
Cast Breakdown: 2F Native, 1F White, 1M Native, 1M, 2-4 Native artist chorus
Run Time: 90 minutes
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Synopsis: Maggie and Makoons' marriage might be on the edge, or it might be the whole universe, but what we do know is that Maggie cannot bake bread. A play about Native Americans, Indians, Indns, Natives, and "others." A play about blood, loyalty, and loss. A play where someone is always hungry.
Directed By: Duck Washington
Featuring: Emily Townswick, Jack C. Kloppenborg and Elohim Peña

Hey Baby Baby, Sis Boom Ba
Playwright: Claudia Inglis Haas
Cast Breakdown: 3-9M/7-12W
Run Time: 65 minutes
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Synopsis: Audrey has turned thirteen and with her new grown-up age, she finds herself subject to catcalls and unwanted advances on the street. She slowly retreats into her room, drawing comics of a female superhero who will fight for her. The play chronicles seemingly “innocent” street harassment from the point of view of Audrey, Danae, Kat and Sylvia. There is a chorus whose lines are taken from various internet forums expressing some points of view regarding street harassment.
Directed By: Kate Powers
Featuring: Cathering Hansen and Matt Wall

Welcome to Hell
Playwright: Janet Preus
Cast Breakdown: 1M/1W, + Voices
Run Time: 85 minutes
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Synopsis:“Welcome to Hell,” a telephone voice says. “Please choose from the following options …” But no matter what option “She” picks, she always ends up back at the same place: “To speak to the person with whom you would least like to spend eternity …” That’s “He.” It’s a long-term relationship and this “Hell” they are once again sharing is all too familiar. He turns to alcohol, jokes and wisecracks. Every once in a while it gets out of control. He might apologize; she takes him back; He’ll feel he’s “won,” and she will feel “loved.” The cycle of abuse continues, the crazies are never far away and although the emotional chaos may subside, there seems to be no end to it. Until Act II. Somehow though the turmoil she learns to say "no," she begins to judge for herself and a new future appears.
Directed By: Sarah Broude
Featuring: Kelli Gorr Raney, Robb Krueger, and Lisa Conley

Great White
Playwright: Deborah Yarchun
Cast Breakdown: 2F-teens, 1F adult, 1M-teens
Run Time: 90 minutes
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Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Brooke is in trouble. Her sixteen-year-old sister, Ivy, is manic and increasingly violent, and their mother, Gail, refuses to acknowledge the danger. As Brooke struggles to hold her family together, she copes by tracking a great white shark. This leads her to Luis, a troubled fifteen- year-old boy intent on swimming out to meet the shark in the ocean. As their friendship deepens, Brooke becomes increasingly aware of the shark drawing closer in her own life: that her sister, in a manic fit, might kill her. Set in present-day southern Florida, between coastal floods, GREAT WHITE is a coming-of-age story that explores unremitting love for family, the power of connection, and the consequences of inaction.
Directed By: Chris Garza
Featuring: Morgen Chang and Starla Larson

The Door
Playwright: Dorothy Marcic
Cast Breakdown: 2M/3W
Run Time: 90 minutes
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Synopsis:A successful professional woman is forced to come to terms with her own childhood incest and her emotionally abusive marriage when her brother is arrested for molesting a nine year-old girl.
Directed By: Scott Pakudaitis
Featuring: Annissa Siobhan Brazill and Suzanne Victoria Cross

Trucker Uppers
Playwrights: Coco Mault and Max Sparber
Cast Breakdown: 2m and Band
Run Time: 100 minutes
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Synopsis: Trucker Uppers tells an American tall tale of a legendary trucker tasked with delivering a truck full of chicken to Mardi Gras, a breakneck trip from Minnesota to New Orleans in under a day. Worse still, the trucker carries with him a curse, in the form of Bigfoot, who pursues him the entire way down.Trucker Uppers consists of two characters and a small band. The first character is RHOADES, a legendary trucker with a haunted past. The second character is the NARRATOR, who takes every additional role required by the play. The band is whatever band seems appropriate and is available, and they provide music for the show.
Directed By: Addie Gorlin
Featuring: Adam Rousar and Aaron Konigsmark

Mama Death at the Door
Playwright: Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Cast Breakdown: 2M/3W
Run Time: 120 minutes
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Synopsis:Mrs. is dying. She calls on Mama Death and her apprentice Crystal, the town's shrouding women, to see her to the other side and help her family continue their lives without her. Mrs.' son Walker calls local mortician Wayne Wilmington to counteract the chaos Mama Death represents to him. With Mrs.' daughter-in-law Sherrilyn on her side and granddaughter Del on whatever side will cause the most trouble at the moment, the tension of old ways versus new, self versus community, and honor for the dead versus respect for the living pushes the family to its limits. When the dust settles, one question remains: what does how we choose die say about how we have chosen to live?
Directed By: Kevin T. Houle
Featuring: Alana LaBissioniere, Missy Hildebrant, and Deborah Dopp

Love's Prick
Playwright: Matthew A. Everett
Cast Breakdown: 6M/3W
Run Time: 135 minutes
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Synopsis:Several ages of love and infatuation cross in a coffeehouse known as The Forest:
- a high school girl masquerades as a boy, fielding romantic interests both gay and straight
- two college wrestlers and the student editor of the campus literary magazine struggle with a complicated love triangle and a mysterious online poet
- a transgender minister finds the possibility of companionship with a local police officer.
"Love's Prick" is a modern day riff on the love, gender confusion and other themes of Shakespeare's romantic comedy "As You Like It."
Directed By: Lucas Grant Skjaret
Featuring: Micheal Terrell Brown and Elohim Peña

Selection Day
Playwright: Sam Graber
Cast Breakdown: 3M Teens/1F teens, 1M/1F
Run Time: 90 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis:In the very near future, the best of the best college-bound students are selected for the Future Leader of America. Teen overachievers consider selection the ultimate honor. But they discover this is no ordinary selection. A play about Big Data and people you don’t know who want to know everything about you.
Directed By: Laura Delventhal
Featuring: Stephen Straub, Andrew Rosdail and Will Maler