Little Lifeboats
TEASE 2016

July 8th, 2016
Phoenix Theater

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Gallery Photos by Scott Pakudaitis

Playwright: Elle Thoni
Cast Breakdown: 2M 2F 1Child
Run Time: 75 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Could the woolly mammoth roam the tundra once more? De-extinction specialist, Dr. Robin Slater, is attempting to figure out how. Yet, as she prepares to share her findings on TedTalk, Robin and members of her family begin to disappear into the Arctic. Inspired by real science, Woolly explores our collective grief and anxiety in the face of an unknown environmental future. Is there still time to save the woolly mammoth - and ourselves?
Directed By: Lucas Skjaret
Featuring: Sarah Broude, Ava Justin and James Satter

Playwright: Joe Goldman
Cast Breakdown:1M 4F 2Open
Run Time: 60 minutes
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Synopsis: Evelyn Morrison is a successful psychiatrist when she has Jennifer as one of her patients. In the course of treating Jennifer with dissociative identity disorder, another personality quite distinct from the young Minnesota 'homegrown' girl appears. Believing that a shattered personality can create a distinct persona to shelter a bruised and hurt ego from some past trauma, Evelyn is quite surprised that the 'alter ego' who emerges is Eva Braun--mistress and later wife to Adolf Hitler. Evelyn is a trained scientist, not a seance reader. Thinking that 'Eva' is merely a colorful defense mechanism of Jennifer's imagination, the ensuing trialogue reveals some insights between patient(s) and physician. The outcome is anything but satisfactory from any psychiatric point of view.
Directed By: Jenna Papke
Featuring: Morgen Chang and Danielle Krivenchuk

Painted Desert
Playwright: Christopher G Smith
Cast Breakdown: 4M
Run Time: 90 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: On the great American Painted Desert a charming convict battles with a lost and wondering preacher over the fate of a young runaway.Painted Desert was a finalist for the 2015 Wordsmyth Theater Company New Play Reading series and the id Theater Seven Devils Playwrights Conference.
Directed By: Shalee Coleman
Featuring: Merwin Gomes and Rob Ward

Making Some Noise
Playwright: Claudia Haas
Cast Breakdown: 3F
Run Time: 75 minutes
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Synopsis: Juliana, Emma and Nell see Nazis and terrorists around every corner. This is noted as the three sisters gather yet again for the anniversary of their mother’s tragic death on 9/11. What is the make-up of a life? Is it reduced to belongings and haphazard memories? They have basically been sitting Shiva every September 11th terror attacks. Juliana’s grieving tradition has taken a toll on her marriage. Emma who is always quick to please anyone is ready for a change. Things are turned upside down when Nell returns home and no longer wishes to continue the grieving tradition.
Directed By: Chava Curland
Featuring: Starla Larson, Anika Kulander, and Samantha Feinberg

The Eleventh Chapter
Playwright: Laura Anne Schmidt
Cast Breakdown: 3M 5F 1Transman
Run Time: 100 minutes
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Synopsis: When her father passes away, Kennedy Holm has the opportunity to bring her father’s greatest work to life: a Broadway production based on the nonfiction novel of Walt Williams, her father’s best friend during the Vietnam War. But through rehearsals, she begins to realize preserving her father’s memory may be harder than she ever thought possible. And nothing could prepare her to the shock of what is in Chapter 11, a part of Walt’s story that has never been shown to the public. Kennedy must attempt to move forward from this long- forgotten chapter of the Vietnam War and the truth she was never told.
Directed By: Kate Bussert
Featuring: Christy Johnson and Gabriele Angieri

Playwright: Sam Graber
Cast Breakdown: 5M 1F
Run Time: 90 minutes
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Synopsis: On a sunny weekday afternoon Jim Bender waits in front of the local high school. He sees a teenage boy lurch towards the school entrance, two shotguns beneath a trench coat. In a moment’s decision Jim brandishes his own firearm, shoots the boy, and stops a shooter-massacre before it happens. Jim Bender is a hero. But then people learn the truth. And the truth is not what they need it to be. Shooter asks: are people in panic moments worthy of using a concealed firearm for the very reason they claim it necessary to have that personal firearm? Does there remain any difference between self-defense and hunting? Do guns truly make us safe?
Directed By: Erin Denman
Featuring: Ellen Engelson and Scot Moore

Playwrights: Andrew Rosdail
Cast Breakdown: 2M 3F
Run Time: 120 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Something other than “fun fun fun” is happening at the Funhouse. Hank French goes to theFunhouse—a poor man’s Chuck E. Cheese restaurant—to arrange the murder of his wife. Afterwards, he finds himself having a gun pulled on him by his waiter—who has been hired by Hank’s wife—taken outside, handcuffed to a dumpster, and forced to wear an electric shock collar until the restaurant closes for the night. Meanwhile, Funhouse assistant manager Erika puts a desperate plan into action so that she can finally break free from her dead end job.
Directed By: Duck Washington
Featuring: William Marth, Alex Yang and Emily Johnson

The Crown of the Holly Queen
Playwright:Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Cast Breakdown: 3F 1transmasculine 1Open
Run Time: 120 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Winter Solstice approaches, shifting the balance of power in Groveland. Quirk's growing weaker by the day, and Alex may be forced to drastic measures to save her. Gavin's new boss is far more than the ruthless executive she seems to be--but that's okay, because he is, too. And Gwin can only watch as zyr closely guarded secrets slip from zyr hands. As the darkness grows and the situation worsens, they must each decide what lines they're willing to cross to protect what's theirs.
Directed By: Denzel Belin
Featuring: Emily Weiss and Jennifer Sisko

TV Boyfriend
Playwright: Matthew A. Everett
Cast Breakdown:3M 1F 1Transwoman
Run Time:130 minutes
Interested in Workshopping? Yes
Synopsis: Jake Gilmore, 24, is an Olympic freeskier on the X-games circuit about to come out of the closet in a very public way.  Ken Markus, 48, is a gay playwright who’s been out longer than Jake has been alive.  Despite differences in age, experience and profession, the two men have formed a loving relationship which has somehow survived a year in the closet.  Coming out to family and friends may prove just as treacherous.  The play TV Boyfriend alternates between two timelines – the events in the present surrounding Jake’s coming out, and the night Jake and Ken first met, which turned into a long weekend together forming the foundation of the relationship that prompted Jake to step out of the closet and into the light.
Directed By: Chris Garza
Featuring: William Phelps and David Schlosser